We simplify the management of Immigration.

Hiring temporary foreign workers is far easier when you have a team of immigration professionals working with you every step of the way. We know how to cut through the layers of red tape and minimize risks. We can help you find foreign candidates best suited for the job. Count on us as your business partners in immigration.

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Let's face it.
Immigration is a headache.

With, navigating Canada’s complex web of immigration regulations has never been easier. We are committed to excellence in all that we do. Nothing Less.


Recruitment Strategies

We design recruitment strategies for foreign workers. And we are implementing the plan. Our extensive international and government experience, expertise, practical knowledge and on-the-ground presence advantage employers in competing for global talent.


Global Mobility Policies

We help companies recruiting abroad or transferring internationally to put in place internal immigration policies to facilitate the obtaining of work permits and the integration of workers.


Labour Market Impact Assessments

Applications for Labor Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) must be prepared based on future work permit applications and Quebec Immigration requirements. We help employers navigate the many steps associated with an LMIA application.


International Mobility Program

We understand the LMIA exemptions that appear in the International Mobility Program (IMP) because we use them with great success. PMI is our preferred program for temporary foreign workers when there is a choice.


Work Permit Applications

After obtaining an LMIA or an approved job offer under the PMI, the work permit is not given. We guide workers and their employers through this final step, which is fraught with procedural and legal obstacles. Never leave a foreign worker to fend for themselves.


Integration and Settlement

When a foreign worker arrives in Canada, culture shock can affect their integration and performance. We help employers to protect their investment by offering a range of assistance services integration and settlement of foreign workers.


Human Resources Training

Training human resources managers is a win for the company because it allows them to minimize costs and better manage the risks associated with the management of foreign workers. Our training programs are tailor-made.


Employer Immigration Compliance

Putting in place a few simple administrative measures is sometimes all that an employer must do to ensure they remain compliant with the rules of Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program. We have some useful pro tips to help you with this. And if you wish, we can do an official verification of your compliance

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